Art Gallery


The world would be a boring place if everything was just functional, so look at the more artsy side of what you can try with our products.



With all our products, colours, designs and textures it would be a sin to use this as a purely functional product. See what can be done when a bit of a more creative touch is applied.

Compact Laminates

Durable, self-supporting, waterproof and highly decorative, see what can be done with compacts.

signage | coasters | cutting boards | trays | cheese boards | sculptures | corporate gifting | maps


Where to even begin with these bright, stunning boards?

wall cubes | shelves | signage | displays | furniture | decorative panels | cut-outs | toys | puzzles | furniture | clocks | cellphone stands | boxes | maps


Fom solids, to woodgrains and dramatic patterns, laminates can be stunning backgrounds for your most breathtaking pieces.

cubes | backdrop | mood boards | photography background | display shelves

PVC Waterproof Construction Board

Waterproof and light, you can sculpt and etch into these panels for a huge array of applications.

screens | decorative panels | signage

Solid Surface

Cut it, router it, bend it, shape it.

wine racks | coasters | rings | cutting boards | sculptures | trays | paper weights | planters | serving platters | cheeseboard | corporate gifting


With the look and characteristics of natural stone, but none of the weight - now you can do anything you have always wanted to do with our Stoven natural stone and translucent panels.

feature walls | display boxes | light boxes | stands | cladding | columns | covers