Train Station


Some of our products even get used in cars, busses and trains and then of course we need to adorn the many franchises across the country as well.



At the very forefront of technology, we love getting to be involved in car and bus construction as well as to really get stuck in the designing and scrambling for the latest products for the many vehicle dealerships across South Africa.

Compact Laminates

2.5mm compacts are a regular feature for cladding as they are able to bend to the shape of the interiors of  busses and trains and also scratch and graffiti resistant. For the dining carts, why not have a look at our gorgeous 12mm compacts for the tables?

cart cladding | bus interior | train interiors | dining tables | vanity counters | ablutions | cubicles | shower partitions | lockers


Pops of colour in public transport? Yes please!

signage | lockers | straight panels | furniture | benches | beds | panelling


150+ designs on the floor at any time, we are sure to have something to complement your corporate identity and design ethos in your automotive head office or dealership or even in some of the trains or busses in certain panelled areas.

panelling | cladding | furniture | reception desks | desks | worktops | kitchenettes


Woodcentre's 40 melamine colours, you are spoilt for choice. Vertical and non-high traffic application.

cabinetry | shelving | cupboard doors | kitchenettes | office furniture

PVC Waterproof Construction Board

WPC boards is your solution for any waterproof application

toilet cubicles | shower partitions | cold truck insulation | cabinetry | signage

Solid Surface

Highly decorative and mouldable, you can get some of the most beautiful designs for your dealership by using solid surface and a good fabricator.

signage | reception desks | coffee stations | bathrooms | vanities | shower cladding


Want a natural stone look without the hassle? Incorporate a Stoven panel. Seal with stone sealant for best results

doors | feature walls | cabinet doors | counter fronts | coffee station fronts | dining cart bar


Sintered stone is the future of high performance, scratch resistant stone tops.

reception desks | wall cladding | floors | coffee counters | facades

Cement Wall


The guys and girls at Merino have been hard at work to bring you some great visualizers to try out some stunning colours for your next kitchen design.

Give it a try and share and tag us on social media in your dream kitchen!