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Need some extra info, MSDS sheets or product information, scroll through the below. If there is something you do need that is not on here, please contact us and we will send it if available or work on it to get it up here ASAP.



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We know you regularly need information on our products, so we will aim to provide most of the documents for you below in easily download-able PDF formats.

If you are missing something, kindly just ask us via email, we might be updating it or working on it, but we will strive to get it up here and to you as soon as we can


Material Safety Data Sheets


MERINO Anti-Bacterial Grade (AB+) Material Safety Data Sheet


MERINO Standard HPL Material Safety Data Sheet


MERINO Chemical Grade (CHEM+) Material Safety Data Sheet


SchemaR Material Safety Data Sheet


Product Brochures


MERINO Anti-Bacterial Grade (AB+) Brochure

MERINO Fingerprint Resistant (FINGUARD) Brochure

MERINO Meister Surfaces Brochure

MERINO STOVEN Variation Brochure


XTONE Standard Brochure

MERINO Lab Grade Chem Resistand (CHEM+) Brochure


MERINO Fire Retardant (FR+) Brochure

MERINO Metalam Brochure

MERINO Unicolour Core (UNI+) Brochure

 Solid Acrylic Surface Brochure (Coming Soon)

XTONE Anex Brochure

MERINO Electro Static Dissipative (ESD+) Brochure

MERINO Imprezza Colour Core kitchen tops Brochure

MERINO Standard & Post-form laminates Brochure

MERINO Write-ons Brochure

URBATEK Full Brochure

XTONE Architectural Brochure

MERINO External Wall Cladding (EWC) Brochure


MERINO Internal Wall Cladding (IWC) Brochure


MERINO Stone Veneer (STOVEN) Brochure

TOPS Brochure (coming soon)

WPC PVC Brochure

XTONE 12mm Countertops Brochure