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large format ceramic tiles by Porcelanosa



by porcelanosa

Endowed with great resistance and offering a design based on natural materials, this compact sintered mineral from URBATEK allows you to shape any project through its cut-to-size technique (Tailored design).


XTONE is a sintered material which is made from incredibly pure raw materials which are resistant to the most extreme determining factors. It is a compact material which allows for each and every type of architectural idea to be brought to life. A resource base for designs which counts on numerous collections based on marble, stone, cement, metal and wood; adaptable to any type of project and any type of application: floor and wall, worktops, furniture, tables, façades…


With four possible thicknesses: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 20mm; and tree large formats: 154x328cm, 150x300cm or 120x250cm; each piece of this product provides spaces with greater sobriety, since it allows for flooring and coverings to be brought together with furniture all made of the same material.

Waterproof, hygienic and long-lasting; XTONE has become a functional and aesthetic solution exceeding the needs of even the most demanding architecture and interior design applications. Its low porosity, high resistance and timeless design have made this product a must-have solution for the residential, restaurant and hotel sectors. Since it prevents liquid absorption and odour build-up, the role it plays in kitchens and bathrooms goes beyond what is purely aesthetic. With easy-to-clean properties and low maintenance, XTONE creates unified surfaces with no artifices which appeals to even the most discerning designer.

XTONE uses the most avant-garde technology to convey to the user a project without boundaries, not only in the ideas, but also in the execution. For this reason, the large format can be adjusted to the specific needs of every project through more or less complex cuts and modulations, offering itself as a material that proposes a global solution.


XTONE, the latest trend in design.

XTONE KITCHEN range 2020

Introducing our 2020 kitchen colour selection - all available in 3280x1540x12mm.

Synergy between evolution and design, the compact sintered XTONE mineral offers high performance surfaces in 12mm and 20mm thickness capable of adapting to any surface or volume.


Resistant to the most extreme factors and conditions, it combines the elegance of the most exclusive designs with the infinite possibilities of material transformation: a safe bet in the design of projects for the kitchen sector.


Its antibacterial and hygienic properties prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria and does not release volatile organic compounds. Being a non-porous material, liquids and gases are not absorbed and prevent the accumulation of odors. With a 10-year guarantee, it resists high and low temperatures, climatic aggressions and UV rays. Its ability to absorb impact energy prevents it from scratching easily, among other factors due to its light thickness of 12 mm and its compositional strength.


Properties that make XTONE an ideal material for countertops.


XTONE presents numerous innovations such as the possibility of integrating stoves or furniture cladding, also available in 6mm thickness. Thanks to its graphic variety, it allows material continuity between worktop and backsplash or paving and cladding, offering perfectly integrated spaces.


XTONE's wide range of possibilities offers solutions adapted to each project with a careful aesthetic through the compositions of colors, textures and finishes, achieving the personalization and authenticity that clients seek in their projects.


Elegant, durable and functional, XTONE is the material that contains magnificent qualities to make your kitchen a dream space.

kitchen range 2020


XTONE architectural range

Creativity is the force that lets us turn idea into tangible realities, driving an evolution that has no limit.

Design any surface or volume from the synergy between wit, evolution and material to develop all types of continuous surfaces: worktops, counters, furniture and facades. 

Available in the following sizes:

3280x1540x12mm for countertops and furniture

3000x1500x9mm and 1500x1500x9mm for wall, floor and facades

3000x1500x6mm for walls

These products are hygienic, resistant to ice and frost, fire and high-temperature resistant, chemical and stain resistant, unalterable by UV rays, waterproof, has excellent bending strength and is easy to clean and 100% natural and recyclable.

Concepts come to life with XTONE sintered compact.




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