Bath Salts & Accessories


Bathroom, shower and privacy cubicles are absolutely possible with quite a few of our products.



Gyms, schools, camp places, office bathrooms, shopping mall toilets, hotels, restaurants roadside rest stops and sports facilities all make use of various screens or cubicles. We have the right fit for you.

Compact Laminates

Durable, self-supporting, hygienic, scratch resistant and waterproof - incorporate compact laminates in your next big project.

toilet cubicles | privacy screens | changing stations | shower partitions | cubicle doors | structural components | retail change rooms


These colourful MDF boards can add colour in change rooms, just make sure that they are properly sealed where they are exposed to any moisture. Most suited to change rooms away from showers or any other moisture, steam or water.

retail change rooms | sporting facility change rooms | gym change rooms | school change rooms


Our wide range of high pressure laminates make for really endless options onto any substrate.

toilet cubicles | privacy screens | changing stations | toilet cubicle doors | change rooms

PVC Waterproof Construction Board

WPC boards is your solution for any areas where you have water or moisture present.

toilet cubicles | shower partitions | privacy screens | changing stations | retail change rooms