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Never struggle with moisture issues causing swelling of boards ever again - these PVC sheets are completely waterproof, versatile, lightweight and can be upgraded with any of our Merino laminates.


waterproof board

by woodcentre

Our waterproof construction board (WPC) provides an ideal solution where water ingress has always been a problem - no more swelling and replacement of carcasses.

This environmentally friendly board is also resistant to extreme weather, chemicals and termites. It is a low maintenance, "green" product that will not rot, crack or warp making it the obvious choice for any domestic, commercial or infrastructural environments.

Revolutionise the look and feel of outdoor spaces with extended life spans of your WPC constructed furniture or design elements.

Our product is formaldehyde and lead FREE and conforms to the E0 standards.


It is lightweight with excellent structural strength and known for high loadbearing strength. It has superior screw holding capabilities and machinability with standard board processing machines.

Contact us today to get your hands on this amazing substrate for your next project!

Available in 5mm, 9mm, 12mm and 16mm in various sizes.